We’re on our way to become the highest global standard for personal training services

Who we are

Founded in 2017 in Montréal, Canada by Wilfred Valenta, Adrien Caranta & Johan Rosell. Born of the desire to squeeze in a workout on the go and in and out of cities, with no commitment.

“It had nothing to do with the gym, and everything to do with the strings attached.”

– Wilfred Valenta

Our core values

At Silofit, we live and breathe fitness. But we’re so much more than that. We foster a culture of collaboration and creativity, knowing that working as a unified team will help us achieve greater success. We strongly believe in our core values, and embody them daily through our actions, words, and initiatives.


Wellness is at the heart of everything we do at Silofit! From our growing community of trainers to our amazing employees, we work hard to create an environment that fosters the best quality of life—both personally and professionally—for everyone.


A team will never be complete without diverse backgrounds and unique voices, that can be heard at all levels of the company. Silofit succeeds because of its inclusivity, and any work that increases inclusion is work worth doing.


Windows are better than walls. We believe that being forthright with the health of the company, the direction, and both major and minor changes as we anticipate them, affords everyone the opportunity to stay informed and to make informed decisions.


Conscientiousness, respect, and compassion are the keys to effective communication. At Silofit, we strive to create ever-improving systems of collaboration in hopes of creating an environment where all parties involved can feel respected and well-informed.

We’re united by a common goal of transforming the future of fitness

Our Mission

Build a universal system for fitness professionals to successfully run all facets of their business, and offer their clients an uplifting experience.

We strive to empower by uplifting, motivating and energizing our users through our digital products and physical spaces. We are here to help personal trainers reach big goals by giving them access to fully equipped private workout spaces on their terms, unrestricted by traditional membership.

Our Vision

Become the highest global standard for personal training services.

You value your freedom, and so do we. We promise freedom to our family of fitness enthusiasts, professionals, partners and employees. We take surprising risks to create spaces that are free of constraints and commitments, with universal access and privacy.

Everything starts with passion. We work hard and learn through resilience to remain relevant, adapting to the changing world with agility and acting when opportunity appears. We ambitiously lead while others catch up.

in numbers

10,000+ App Users
2,000+ Fitness Pros
20+ Locations
2 Markets

Working at Silofit

What unites us is our common goal of changing the fitness landscape. We work hard, but we also believe in the importance of celebrating our wins as a team. Interested in joining Silofit? Here are some of the perks you can expect:

  • 100% covered health benefits
  • 3 weeks vacation
  • Welcome swag pack
  • Free access to our studios
  • Monthly team events & lunch

Join our team

We are a specialized team of 40+ with backgrounds in prop-tech,
marketplaces, fitness, and so much more. Our combined strengths, skills and experiences help us achieve success every single day at Silofit. If you want to help us change the future of fitness, we want you on our team.