The Top 3 Montreal Outdoor Boot Camps To Get You Fit This Summer

Summer has finally shown its face in Montreal. Your workout regimen and summer body is still nowhere to be seen. These three outdoor boot camps will turn up the heat in your usual routine this summer.

Nothing beats a Montreal summer. The festivals. The terraces. The cycling. The sunbathing. Summer is the time to live your best life and be in your best health. Unfortunately, most of us fall into the classic summer fitness paradox: We all want to have our ideal summer bodies, but we also want to enjoy the fun summer activities! When it's 30 degrees and sunny outside, it’s hard to lock yourself in a concrete gym and push weights under fluorescent lights.

That is why outdoor summer boot camps are the best workouts to get into this summer. Training outdoors with a great group of people gives you an energy you simply do not find alone in the gym. Now you can mix a mighty workout with fun summer activities. Where else can you get in shape while making friends, getting a tan, and listening to music? Here is a list of the best outdoor boot camps in Montreal, that will get you fit and show you some fun.

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La Faculte Athletique

Serious about burning gas and gaining muscle? Le Faculte Athletique (FAC) will whip you in shape with its number of incredible workouts. Led by Léandre Pichette-Auray and Marc-Étienne Villeneuve, each workout is challenging and entertaining. With a focus on high intensity circuit training, you will definitely grow stronger while improving cardio with these one hour sessions. What differentiates FAC from the many other boot camps available is its application of personal training parameters to a group training program. The bootcamp is influenced by some of the best training methods around, and the program evolves and progresses along with its participants. Just a couple sessions will get you hooked because you can feel the advancement in your fitness levels. Stick with a full season of FAC, and you will see results. There is always a great crowd at these sessions, who help motivate and encourage each other to push for that last rep!

Where: Pelican Park

When: Monday - Wednesday 6 PM & 7:15 PM. Saturday: 10AM & 11:15AM

Instagram: @facmtl




Lemieux Training

For seven years, Lemieux boot camps have been training Montrealers at beautiful parks around the city each summer. With many training options, from Basic Training, Crossfit, to Elite Training, Lemieux Boot Camps can cater to everyone and anyone. Lemieux Training has several locations around Montreal, so you can workout in your own neighbourhood this summer instead of driving to your usual gym.

Where: Beaver Lake, Westmount Park, Lachine Canal

When: Monday - Thursday 7 PM. Saturday 9:30 AM

Instagram: @lemieux_training





Circuit Plein Air Montreal

In the heart of Griffintown, Andréanne Maxime puts on a fantastic outdoor workout that appeals to all levels. Each session is a one-hour circuit workout with high intensity, focusing on full body workouts. Andréanne makes every workout exciting by introducing creative new exercises and projecting a great training atmosphere within the group. Circuit Plein Air is extremely inviting for newcomers, but also has the professional expertise of an extremely successful athlete and trainer.

Where: St. Ann Park Griffintown

When: Monday: 7PM




Once The Weather Gets Dull, It Doesn’t Mean Your Training Should Get Dull As Well…

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