5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Signing Up for That Gym Membership

63% of gym memberships go unused. Don't be a statistic. Ask yourself these 5 simple questions before jumping into that gym membership.

When you make the decision to kick-start our fitness journey, the first thing you want to do is sign-up to a gym right away. You have been conditioned to think: "If I get a gym membership, I will get fit" This is too common a misconception. If I buy you a guitar today, will you play me Stairway to Heaven tomorrow? There is a lot to think about before signing up for the gym. Maybe the gym you are considering is not the right one for your fitness goals. Imagine you are just starting your fitness journey and was magically teleported onto a gym floor this instant. Do you think you would have an effective workout? To get the most out of your fitness journey, you need to begin by asking yourself these 5 essential questions BEFORE you get that gym membership.

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What Do I Want to Achieve?

"What are my fitness goals?" is an essential question to ask before starting your fitness journey. You have to be real with yourself when setting these goals. It can be easy to get lost in the rabbit hole of scanning the profiles of Instagram fitness models. 

After viewing a few too many profiles, you declare you want to look like that by next summer.

Declaring effective goals requires strong self-awareness. Your goals must be obtainable and related to you. Comparative goals are ineffective and can negatively affect your motivation. Instead, set goals of controlling independent variables rather than dependent variables.

An example of an independent variable goal is: I want to go to the gym 3 times a week for the next 6 months.

An example of a dependent variable goal is: I want to look good so I get more matches on Tinder.

It is a lot easier to assess progress when following independent variable goals, which is especially beneficial to people early in their fitness journey.


Do I Know How to Get There?

It is important, to be honest with yourself when auditing your current ability to exercise well. If it is your first time, then it is easy to accept you don't know much about a proper workout. Some have been exercising casually for years, but have not seen real results. that is because they do not have a workout plan that leads to progress. I was like that. I would hit the gym a couple times a week for a few months. I felt decent but didn't see results. Then I would get sidetracked and stop going to the gym for a couple months. When I finally got back in the gym, I am starting back at square one. Many poor souls like myself have been stuck in this cycle. Once I found proper guidance with my personal trainer, I was able to really progress in my fitness journey. 

Do some research before jumping into a gym membership on what kind of exercise you need to do in order to move along in your fitness journey. Knowing that will help you decide on what gym is right for you. Seek assistance in a personal trainer who will educate you on how to work out properly. I recommend even trying a personal trainer a couple times, just to gauge the quality difference in professional training methods compared to your mediocre makeshift workout. 


How Much Time Can I Afford To Put In?

Analyze your routine and give a genuine estimate on how much time you WILL put into your fitness journey. Everyone likes to picture themselves waking up at 5 AM for a morning workout, but very few like to actually DO it.

The last thing you need is to pay for a hefty monthly gym membership and go once a week. You may as well pay the drop in fee.

Think about the time you are willing to put in, and then question the value you will get back from the gym. Do you travel often? If you are out of town for 4 out of 12 months, then a year contract may not be a wise idea. If you can only spend Saturdays on your fitness journey, maybe it is better to do a boot camp. If you want to workout 5 days a week, then your gym better be easy to get to! Which leads us to our next question...


How Will I Get To The Gym?

Proximity to our gym is a MAJOR factor in determining the frequency people workout. the longer it takes you to get to the gym, the less likely you will go consistently. Especially when starting out, you want to make it as easy as possible to get in the gym.

The higher the frequency of your workouts, the less time you will be willing to waste on each trip to the gym. You must visualize your schedule, and find the best location to match the time you want to exercise. Want to workout late at night and on weekends? Find a gym close to your home. Want to workout after work or during lunch break? Find a gym downtown right by the office.

I once signed up for a gym across the city, because of a super low membership fee. I ended up going a couple times a month because I could never bring myself to commute 45 minutes just for an hour workout. The low price may have looked like a good deal, but ended up being a money trap.


Is There An Alternative To This Gym?

You have visited many gyms with a critical eye. You have asked yourself these questions above, and are struggling to find a gym that is right for you. You would like to use a personal trainer to get you started, but they are so expensive and you are not ready to commit to a full gym membership. Your schedule is quite volatile so you cannot predict how much time you can put into the gym. You'd like to workout in a more private setting. These are all real thoughts that real people have. Maybe you don't need a gym membership. Educate yourself on the awesome alternatives available to you: boot camps, team sports, hiking. Fitness is not bound to a monthly gym membership.

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