Group classes at Silofit

Available on the Silofit app on both iOS and Android, group classes are a great way for you to boost your hourly revenue as a personal trainer while attracting new clients.

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How it works

Trainers with a Silofit Pro subscription and a public profile have access to create group classes from the Silofit app. Classes are bookable by all Silofit app users, and links to the class can easily be shared on social media to attract attendees. The tool is free to use as part of the Silofit Pro subscription and all payments are managed by us.

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More flexibility and independence

Small group classes increase your revenue by giving you the freedom to train a few clients simultaneously, and are a great way for new clients to test out a session with you at a lower price before committing to private sessions. Group settings also foster a sense of community and are very motivating for gym-goers.

“Some of my clients like to mix 1:1 sessions with semi-private sessions; it’s more affordable for them.” - Deus, personal trainer

Privacy for you and your clients

Silofit’s on-demand private spaces make it the perfect setting for group classes. Standard gyms often get crowded, leading to distractions. Our Silos provide everything you need in a clean, modern environment with zero gymtimidation.

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