Important information

Bring a towel and water bottle
This studio is equipped with shower facilities and a water station.

Access code
Your access code for the Silo will be emailed to you 2 minutes prior to your session.

Getting in
Once you’re in the building, take a right at the security desk. At the end of the hall, you’ll see the Silofit door on the right in Suite 100.

Outside building hours
If you booked a session that is…
Before 6:30 AM during the week (Monday-Friday)
After 10:00 PM during the week (Monday-Friday)
During the weekend (Saturday-Sunday)
Then, you’ll need to ring the doorbell, right next to the right door. The security guard will come open the door for you, which can take up to 3 minutes if he’s not already at the desk. If there’s no answer after 3 minutes, you can call him at 514-874-0808.