Important information

Bring a towel and water bottle
This studio is equipped with shower facilities and a water station.

Access code
Your access code for the Silo will be emailed to you 2 minutes prior to your session.

Getting in
Take the elevator to the 3rd floor, turn right when you exit the elevator, and follow the hall to the right. Suite 303 will be on your left.

Outside building hours
If you booked a session that is…
• Before 7:00 AM during the week (Monday-Friday)
• After 8:00 PM during the week (Monday-Friday)
• During the weekend (Saturday-Sunday)
Then, you’ll need to unlock the left door of the building through the app. A few minutes before your session, we’ll send you a notification to unlock the door. Click “Front Door (left)” to unlock it and get in. Once you’re in, continue up the stairs to the mezzanine level and follow the hallway to the right of the elevators until you reach the stairwell door on your left. You can unlock the stairwell through the app by clicking “Stairwell Door (Mezzanine)” as the elevator will not be available outside business hours. Take the stairwell up one floor, then click “Stairwell Door (3rd Floor)” to unlock it. The Silo is located just outside of the stairwell door.