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SiloHub, a dedicated space for you & your clients

Gain access to a personalized space to consult with clients, produce content for your brand, track progress and recover in our private wellness room.

73 Richmond St West Toronto

What our trainers are saying

Silofit is the most ideal setup for me: private, clean, and easy to book. It makes my clients feel confident without feeling pressure from others at the gym.
Deus Mutima
Silofit is truly next level! Because it’s 100% private, I have enough space to train myself or my clients however I want. It’s honestly the best, I love having my own studio!
July Leblanc
Silofit is my new go-to, no matter what. Whether I’m teaching one of my Strive Certification courses, training a client, or just working out on my own, it has everything I need, plus 100% privacy.
Ryan Caicco
Silofit is perfect for training clients who work downtown. They come and meet me during their break for 1 on 1 sessions, then shower and head back to work.
Heather McCurdy
My clients love Silofit. The quality of everything in the space is top notch - really enhances the whole experience. Would recommend this to any trainer out there.
Stanley Louis
Silofit gave me a place to express myself so I can create and share content I’m proud of. It’s the best place to film fitness content, because having my own space allows me to express myself the way I want to. Plus, the team is always ready to support me, no matter what!
Erin Killen
Silofit is my new favourite spot for working out and training clients. It’s super spacious and well-equipped, plus it has everything I need for my sessions!
Tejean Smith
If you’re looking for a private, boutique workout space with all the right equipment Silofit is the perfect fit. The location makes it so manageable to meet clients in-between their workday. I’ve been enjoying working out there myself!
Kelsey Rose

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