A new kind of gym.
Your own.

Book our micro-gyms for an hour or more. Unlock the door with a unique pin-code. Workout alone, with friends or bring clients to a private space.


Book your best health by the hour.

Silofit is the world’s first private on-demand gym. Our gyms are decked out for every fitness goal - lofty or little - with everything you need for any training or therapy session. With Silofit, there’s no long-term commitments or hidden fees - you pay only for the time you need, when you need it.


The easiest way to book your next session.

Book our micro-gyms anywhere with no monthly fee – and no strings attached.

Book a gym nearby
Find and book our gyms around you using the app.

Unlock it
Unlock the gym with your unique pin-code.

Rock it
Train in total peace, alone, with friends or treat clients.


Who uses Silofit?

Everyone from fitness enthusiasts to seasoned fitness professionals such as personal trainers, kinesiologists, sports and massage therapists and more.

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“I love how easy it is to use Silofit. I just open the app, make a reservation and I go and workout in my own private gym! Perfect during lunch hours. And It has everything I need for a great workout!"

Jonathan Campbell
Fitness enthusiasts

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“As a self-employed personal trainer, Silofit provides a simple solution to an otherwise overwhelming problem of limited functional training space for private personal and group fitness training."

Lima Kayello
Personal trainer

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“Silofit is my favourite place to go workout. I love the private space and I always feel at home and safe. It’s extremely well maintained and clean. I book using the app and go and workout whenever I want."

Marily Vaillancourt