A new kind of fitness space. Your own.

Book private fitness spaces on-demand, by the hour


Go with friends or on your own

Book a fitness space nearby and unlock the door with your unique pin-code.


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Silofit is the first generation of private fitness spaces.

Book our fitness studios by the hour, and unlock the door with your unique pin-code. You can go alone or with friends - whatever fits your lifestyle.


I love the privacy and I always feel at home and safe

Silofit is hands down the best gym experience out there, and it’s so flexible! I book a space nearby and get my very own gym that’s clean, smells fresh, and has all the equipment I need. It’s so convenient and user-friendly! I recommend it to all my friends.
— Marily Vaillancourt
I always look forward to exercising ever since I discovered Silofit! The spaces are beautiful and well-equipped, and the private aspect is amazing - I never have to wait around for machines or feel intimidated at the gym anymore.
— Jonathan Campbell